Logicserve Survey

Your Favorite Social Media Platform


We got some interesting results here.

  • As per the results, most of the respondents (62%) spend most of their time on Instagram, followed by 23% who choose Facebook.
  • About 11% go on LinkedIn, 3% opted for Twitter, and 1% of respondents prefer other social media platforms.
  • The results showcase that Instagram is the most preferred platform by consumers therefore, brands must take note of this and make the most of this platform.
  • Instagram is a great medium to carry out visual storytelling for the audiences making this platform a creative, fun and interactive one.
  • Brands must carefully strategise their Instagram marketing strategy by deeply studying their audience and understanding their choices/preferences/likes to yield a positive outcome.
  • Brands can use all the exciting tools offered by Instagram like post/video posting, live streaming, stories, IGTV, Reels and many other tools to get maximum reach.
  • Brands must stay active and consistent on this platform to keep the consumers hooked to the brand.
  • They should also study their account’s analytics to better their strategy or to make any required tweaks/changes in their future promotional plans.
  • Brands can also use the paid tools available on Instagram to boost their reach by attracting new audiences and opportunities.