Logicserve Survey

Twitter’s Audio Spaces


We got some interesting results here.

  • As evident from the above chart, the majority of the respondents (53%) said they are active on Twitter’s Audio Spaces, while about 47% said they don’t use this platform. 
  • Twitter’s Audio Spaces is Twitter’s take on Clubhouse. This live audio streaming platform holds a lot of potential for brands. 
  • Twitter itself is a platform with niche audiences therefore, it can enormously help brands who are trying to reach such audiences to market their products/services. 
  • Twitter Spaces allows users to enter without pre-registration. This makes the platform more welcoming and ultimately helps attract more audiences. 
  • Brands can easily gain instant reactions/feedback from the live session to later incorporate them to improve their services.
  • Brands here can host Q&A sessions, expert panels, product/service releases and more to attract and retain users.