Logicserve Survey

Trending Content By Brands


We got some interesting results here.

  • As per the results, most of the respondents (55%) always like it when brands participate in trending/tropical content, followed by 43% who prefer it sometimes. 
  • Lastly, only 2% of the respondents said they never enjoy such content. 
  • The results clearly indicate that audiences enjoy it when brands create content around trending/topical elements. This is an excellent insight for brand custodians.
  • Incorporating trendy/topical elements can help brands stay relevant in the dynamic digital world, and it will also help them stay in sync with the audience's content exposure. 
  • Such incorporation can also help brands reach maximum audience in a limited period, they can do so by picking the popular hashtags around  the trendy/topical event and adding them along with the brand content. 
  • Creating such content on social media platforms can help create a viral effect that ultimately helps provide more extensive exposure to the brand.