Logicserve Survey

Swiping Up Instagram Stories


We got some interesting results here.

  • As per the results, most respondents (69%) swipe up on Instagram Stories only if they find it interesting, followed by 18% who always swipe up on them. 
  • Lastly, 13% of the respondents said they never swipe up on Instagram Stories. 
  • The results showcase that most users are only willing to swipe up  if the content is interesting. This is a great insight for brands.
  • Brands should make sure that they put quality content in their Instagram stories. 
  • Brands should also incorporate interactive elements, easy CTAs and brief informative text to attract the audiences to swipe up on stories. 
  • Brands can also use specific spokespersons to connect well with the users and share useful details for the swipe up message, this will keep the story engaging and interactive. 
  • The redirected link in the story must be quick loading and on point, as it will help in retaining the user who has landed on the redirected link.