Logicserve Survey

Story Posting Frequency


We got some interesting results here.

  • As per the results, most of the respondents (29%) want brands to post stories on social media once a day, followed by 28% of them who wish to see them weekly, and about 25% of them like to see them multiple times a day.
  • About 9% of respondents wish to see stories only on selective/special days, while 7% want it to be monthly, and lastly, 2% of them never wish to see stories.
  • The responses suggest that brands should try to post stories regularly, considering respondents mostly opted for once a day, multiple times a day and weekly posting for the stories.
  • Brands can optimally use social media stories to stay connected with their consumers and generate engagement.
  • Regular posting of stories can help the brands stay on top of the consumers' minds.
  • Social media stories are an interactive way of engaging with the consumers, and they directly help in connecting with the right set of audience.
  • Brands need to consider consumers preferences and, accordingly, strategise their story posting frequency to generate valuable leads. This can really help brands retain customer attention in the long run and form a treasured relation.