Logicserve Survey

Spotlight by Snapchat


We got some interesting results here.

  • As evident from the above chart, around 53% are not active on Snapchat’s Spotlight, while about 47% of them actively use this platform.
  • Snapchat’s very own short format video platform was recently launched, and it pays users to post on the platform.
  • Brands have a huge opportunity here and can use this platform to carefully target audiences and convey their ideas/messages creatively while also generating revenue.
  • To kickstart on this platform, brands can collaborate with popular influencers to generate buzz on this platform.
  • As this platform is revenue-based, this means that Snapchat is trying everything to keep up with good quality content on its platform to further attract and engage with the audience. 
  • With Snapchat’s rising e-commerce integration on the platform, it will sooner or later attract a large set of audience. Therefore, brands must  get a grip on this platform beforehand to be able to get maximum returns from this unique platform.