Logicserve Survey

Short Videos On Facebook


We got some interesting results here.

  • The above chart indicates that most of the respondents (76%) like to watch Facebook’s short videos, while only 24% don’t.
  • The results suggest that brands have a great platform like Facebook to push short videos for promotional and engagement advantages.
  • In today’s time, where audiences highly prefer short format content, brands should adapt to them to retain existing customers and attract new potential customers. 
  • Brands can use this platform by posting short videos about products or services offered or pushing short video ads that appear while scrolling through these videos or can even do both.
  • Brands must study their target audiences beforehand, understand their preferences, study trending patterns to create maximum impact and broader reach. 
  • As these videos are short, brands must try to send out impactful messages via these videos and keep them creative and attention-grabbing.