Logicserve Survey

Shopping on Pinterest


We got some interesting results here.

  • It’s quite evident from the above chart that the majority of the respondents (74%) don’t shop from Pinterest, while 14%  do it sometimes and about 12% of them always shop on this platform. 
  • Looking at the  results, we can conclude that Pinterest needs to make people and brands aware of the shopping features offered by the platform. 
  • Pinterest has been bringing in some great shopping tools like Affiliated links, Shopping lists, Product tags, which can be an attractive point for users around the globe. Therefore, brands should definitely experiment with these and attract their audiences to this platform. 
  • Brands should carefully study their audiences and derive a strategy that works well for them and ultimately helps yield good results. 
  • Brands shouldn’t repel from this great platform, brands should instead experiment with the available tools to attract and retain consumers. They can even use this platform to connect with global audiences and further scale up their business.