Logicserve Survey

Sharing Brand Posts on Stories


We got some interesting results here.

  • The above chart speaks volumes about the users’ preferences. As you can see, 89% of respondents like it when brands share their latest posts in stories while only 11% of them don’t prefer that.
  • Stories are a great way to stay connected with your audience and share important details.
  • Stories also offer various creative as well as interactive features which can be aptly used to up the engagement with your consumers.
  • Along with regular stories, brands can also share their latest posts on stories to notify the audience about them and also to ensure that you achieve maximum reach for your posts.
  • With the constant algorithm updates, it has become challenging for creators as well as brands to reach their audiences and get optimal visibility for their posts. Sharing the posts on stories can help with this aspect too.
  • While improving the visibility and interacting with the consumers in real-time, stories also provide a multitude of other benefits for brands and can help with generating leads, get genuine feedback from the users and increase brand transparency.
  • Brands should definitely focus on stories and strategise content well in advance to ensure smooth communication and make the most out of social media presence.