Logicserve Survey

Promotional Emails from Brands


We got some interesting results here.

  • The above chart suggests that most respondents (72%) like to receive promotional emails from brands, while only 28% don’t.
  • Looking at the responses, we can clearly say that consumers are interested in promotional emails; and brands must try to make the most out of it without being too intrusive.
  • Promotional emails are a great way of reaching out to existing and new consumers, which is a significant perk for brands.
  • Promotional emails are healthy on the brand’s pocket and have the flexibility to personalise basis specific interests or needs. If used well, they can offer higher engagement and conversion rates.
  • Regular and consistent promotional emails can help brands build brand image leading to higher credibility and strengthening the relationship with their consumers.
  • Promotional emails are a great way of boosting the sale of existing products, and it also provides an excellent opportunity for pushing a new product or service in the market.