Logicserve Survey

Preferred Newsletter Format


We got some interesting results here.

  • As per our survey, 56% of the respondents like 'Creative' newsletters, which consists of images, videos, GIFs, and more, followed by 32% who prefer 'Textual with images' newsletters.
  • Only 12% of the respondents like 'Only Textual' newsletters.
  • It's quite clear that respondents like a newsletter that includes creative elements over a text-heavy newsletter.
  • Newsletters are a great way of engaging with existing as well as prospective consumers. And, looking at the results, brands should try to use captivating designs with visually pleasing elements like images, GIFs and more to keep the reader interested.
  • Creative elements can help keep the newsletter non-monotonous and build curiosity for future newsletters.
  • Brands must stay adaptive and ensure they take care of their readers’ preferences while curating the newsletter. This will further help in maintaining the brand image and retaining your customers interest in your brand.