Logicserve Survey

Preferred Content Format on Instagram


We got some interesting results here.

  • As per the results, most respondents (39%) prefer viewing photos on Instagram, followed by 31% who like watching Reels. 
  • About 16% prefer watching Long or Short Videos, and 7% respectively prefer watching Stories and Live on Instagram. 
  • The results clearly suggest that the majority of the respondents prefer viewing Photos and Reels on Instagram. 
  • Brands on Instagram should use this insight and plan their promotional strategy for Instagram accordingly. 
  • Posting images and catchy Reels can help brands present their products/services to the masses and further drive organic traffic to the brand’s Instagram page. 
  • Brand custodians must not just stick to one format instead have a mix of all to utilise different content styles for different types of audiences and further keep them hooked to their content. This also helps keep the brand page interactive and attracts new audiences to the platform.