Logicserve Survey

Posting Stories on Social Media


We got some interesting results here.

  • As per the results, most of the respondents (67%) prefer Instagram to post stories, followed by 14% of them who choose WhatsApp, and about 13% of the respondents opt for Facebook.
  • About 3% of them choose YouTube, and 3% prefer other social media platforms to post stories.
  • Lastly, none of the users are keen on using Snapchat to post their stories.
  • The responses suggest that Instagram is a very popular platform among users to post stories, therefore, brands must use this to optimally connect with and cater to their consumers’ needs.
  • Instagram stories are an excellent way for brands to generate good engagement and be a top of the mind brand in consumers' minds.
  • Brands can easily track the platform’s analytics to improvise their future campaigns and gain a better understanding of their audience.
  • Brands should keep these stories interactive in nature to gain instant response or honest feedback and also improve engagement while retaining their attention.
  • Brands can also use creative and eye-catching Instagram story ads to reach new potential consumers.