Logicserve Survey

Making Reels With Trending Music


We got some interesting results here.

  • As evident from the above chart, a majority of respondents (86%) like it when brands use trending music to make Reels, while only 14% don’t.
  • The results clearly indicate that audiences prefer brands that make Reels using popular music.
  • The short-format nature of Reels has been an appealing point for users around the globe, therefore brands must incorporate them with popular music to keep them relevant in today’s dynamic market.
  • Brand custodians must carefully study and track popular/trending music to stay up to date and further use them to create captivating Reels.
  • Brands should be very quick when working around such Reels made with popular music as it can lose its relevance if not executed on time.
  • Use of popular music also helps in wider reach as the popularity of this music provides a higher retention value compared to other available music clips.