Logicserve Survey

LinkedIn Stories


We got some interesting results here.

  • The results showcase that most respondents (56%) don’t like stories posted by brands on LinkedIn while 44% of them like it
  • LinkedIn stories, is a recent feature introduced by the platform and hence maybe the users are taking time to get used to watching stories on this platform
  • It is definitely a very engaging way to connect with the audience and add value to the professional journey of individuals
  • Brands should work on making people use this new feature and develop LinkedIn specific strategies to urge people to make the most out of this feature
  • Brands should avoid posting random content and should have a targeted plan in place in order to get maximum value from LinkedIn stories
  • Brands should understand their audience, their needs and preferences and, accordingly develop the story ideas that make them feel connected with the brand and give them valuable insights
  • Brands can also engage with their inhouse experts and thought leaders to create unique content and use different features within the stories like text overlays, Question of the day, etc to make them more appealing and interactive
  • With the right approach and strategy, brands can definitely gain maximum benefits from this feature and will be able to shift the behaviour of their audience