Logicserve Survey

Instagram Story Ads


We got some interesting results here.

  • As per the results, 61% of the respondents click on Instagram story ads sometimes, followed by 25% who always click on them.
  • Only 14% of the respondents said that they never click on Instagram ads.
  • The results showcase that most users are clicking on Instagram ads, providing an excellent opportunity for marketers to advertise on this platform.
  • Brands need to understand the platform, audience, preferences, likes, dislikes, etc., to target their campaign via Instagram strategically. 
  • While designing the ad, brands should keep it appealing and make sure that they use minimal, engaging, or interactive content.
  • Instagram story ads are a great way of driving direct engagement on the brand’s page, ultimately highlighting its presence on the platform too.
  • Brands must not fail to add call-to-action in the story ad, allowing consumers to easily redirect to the website or the relevant platform to get more details and act on the message conveyed.