Logicserve Survey

Instagram Reels Duration


We got some interesting results here.

  • The above chart suggests that most respondents (55%) like to watch 15-sec Reels, while 45% like 30-sec Reels.
  • It’s quite clear that viewers prefer 15-sec Reels over 30-sec Reels, indicating a rise in preference for quick and snackable content.
  • Short content can be challenging to design but are highly responsive. Hence brands must carefully strategies their Reels to create a positive impact on the viewers' minds.
  • Brands should use tools offered by Instagram to create Reels like Filters, AR & VR effects, Music, Gifs, text formats and more to create creative and attention-grabbing content.
  • Brands should also try to create informative Reels to benefit the larger audiences, which will ultimately boost engagement and reach in a short span.
  • Despite the challenges, short format content is a great way of reaching out to audiences and gaining positive results. The trick is always in sharing unique content that is relatable, responsive and one that evokes curiosity among your audience.