Logicserve Survey

Gmail Advertisements


We got some interesting results here.

  • As per the results, 51% of the respondents sometimes click on ads in Gmail’s promotional section, followed by 42% of them who never click on them.
  • And, 7% of them always click on such ads.
  • This indicates a mix of audience opinion about Gmail’s promotional section. Brands need to properly create strategies to attract consumers here.
  • The promotional email section is a great place to send personalised content to the targeted audience.
  • Brands can use this opportunity to target mass audiences in a single click with readily available email marketing tools.
  • People usually tend to not miss out on checking their emails, even if they don’t open it fully, they will at least read the subject line and the brand name. This can assist in creating a good brand recall.
  • Brands should carefully study their target audience, their preferences and time the promotional emails correctly in a way that they don’t seem too intrusive and yet get good results.
  • Brands should try to keep these promotional email ads simple and visually attractive. They should also hyperlink the ad to redirect consumers to their main website that can further explain details of the message briefly and urge them to proceed to the next steps.