Logicserve Survey

Cookies on Website


We got some interesting results here.

  • As per the results, most of the respondents (60%) allow websites to fetch cookies sometimes, followed by 21% of them who always allow cookies and 19% of them who never allow website cookies.
  • The response suggests that consumers are careful about providing access to cookies on websites, therefore brands must be cautious too while using cookies to reach consumers and learn about them.
  • The users' privacy has currently become the top priority of brands worldwide, which has led to the emergence of the cookie-less world. Brands should work on figuring out alternatives that maintain their consumers’ privacy.
  • Brands need to learn to stop relying on third-party cookies and try to make the most of the first-party data, they willingly receive from consumers.
  • If customers decline any information or not allow cookies, brands should not try hard to convince them and rather look for ways to strengthen the trust and loyalty.  This will eventually help the brands understand the customers better, gain some useful information about their behaviour, preferences, etc. and also assist in serving them better in the future.