Logicserve Survey

Brands Communication Styles


We got some interesting results here.

  • As per our survey, 44% of the respondents like 'Storyteller' style of brand communication followed by 25% who like it to be 'Interactive.'
  • Around 20% of the respondents prefer the 'Formal' style of brand communication, and 9% of them like it the 'Informal' way.
  • Only 2% of them like 'Other' styles of brand communication, which are not specific to any particular style.
  • Overall, we can see a clear majority of respondents liking a communication style, which has more depth and feel to it whether it is in the form of a story or has interactive elements.
  • Today's consumers like it when brands make an effort to communicate and not just plainly inform or share things, making them more interested in knowing what the brand has to offer.
  • Brands can also create a blend of different communication styles. This will further help in widening the reach of your content and grabbing the attention of varied consumers towards the brand.
  • Brands must learn to carefully tweak their communication style basis the audience, their preferences, changes, etc to make an impact in the audiences’ mind and gain positive results.