Logicserve Survey

Ads on Instagram Reels


We got some interesting results here.

  • The above chart indicates that 60% of the respondents don’t like the recently placed ads in Reels, while 40% prefer them
  • This result must not divert the advertisers away from the Reels platform, and it is one of the most consumed platforms for all sorts of audiences
  • Marketers must understand that the ads are recently introduced on the platform, and the audience over here will take time to adjust to them
  • Reels have a great reach when the content is of quality and complies with popular attributes, therefore brands must also make ads here in a similar way
  • Advertisers can create an illusion here for the consumers and strategically create ads that incorporate the elements of Reels to retain customers' attention
  • As the Reels platform is based on short-content, advertisers must make sure to put across impactful messages which are creative, engaging and attention-grabbing at the same time