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While marketing and advertising technologies truly make life easy, the unprecedented growth of this industry has led to a staggering abundance of tools available in the market today. In addition, as technology continues to advance the industry is abuzz with possibilities of convergence of martech and adtech tools. Myriad options, integration issues combined with diverse set of marketing tasks and challenges, can throw even sophisticated marketers off their game in choosing the right combination of solutions. That is why, more often than not companies end up with dysfunctional and overbuilt stack of martech and adtech tools.

  • What is the avg. time spent by users on the website?
  • Which are to top revenue generating products?
  • How many quotes are generated from Brand campaigns?
  • Why is the cost per lead high?
  • How much time a user takes to convert after visiting the site?
  • Is there an overlap between my paid and organic channels?
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Our approach to Acquisition-Behavior-Conversion (ABC) KPI

Acquisition KPIs


Percentage of New Visitors

Number of New Visitors

Behavior KPIs

Bounce Rate

Pages per Visit

Average Visit Duration

Conversion KPIs

Goal Conversion Rate

Goal Completions

Goal Value

How GA 360 Helps?

GA 360 suite helps you with advanced level of segmentation of audience with right age, gender, locations and preference. It also provides you with new feature of custom level reporting with personalized touch of bouncetrack, staytime, clickthrough time, page tracks etc. Doing this with help of real time data resource and offline inputs enables you to acquire your customers diligently at quick rate. Falling out with dashboards that helps you determine the consolidated reports and visualization of traffic flow with reference to your campaign and audience.

Benefits of GA 360

1) CRM Integration
  • Sending CRM data to Analytics via Data Import
  • Sending CRM data to Analytics via Measurement Protocol
  • Salesforce CRM data integration with Analytics
  • BigQuery Integration with CRM and Analytics
2) Stitching Offline to Online Data Using Measurement Protocol Feature
3) Converging GA data with other data sources using a common key
4) Integration bring Analytics and media together seamlessly
5) Custom Audiences Targeting
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