Digital Assessment and Strategy Recommendations

Digital Assessment and Strategy

The Challenge

While marketing and advertising technologies make life easy, the growth in the digital landscape has led to a staggering abundance of tools available in the market today. These diverse set of tools, provides marketers with the challenge of integrating these and extracting valuable insights from the same.

Marketers need to have a holistic view of how your AdTech and Martech tools are functioning, which will help you take meaningful goal-oriented decisions.

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Logicserve Solution

We help synergize all your AdTech and Martech tools to better understand your business and consumer. Our process includes a thorough assessment of your business objectives, as well as your AdTech and Martech tools. These assessments produce valuable insights. Which enable streamlining your marketing efforts with your business objectives and steer your organization towards the right goals.

We conduct the below set of assessment as part of our services:
  • Assessment of business objectives & KPI
  • Channel Matrix Assessment
  • Data Infrastructure Assessments
  • Data Science Readiness Assessment
  • Paid search Assessment
  • Organic Search Assessment
  • Social Media Marketing Assessment
  • UI/UX Assessment
  • Analytics assessment
  • Industry & Competitor analysis

Our Services Include:

Data Infrastructure Assessment

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Media Mix

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Center of Digital

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