Survey: Your Interest in Animated Content

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Why do you like animated content?

Here’s a look at last week’s results where we asked users about their interest in watching live videos on social media.

The results are very interesting.

  • As you can see from the above chart, majority of the respondents (47%) said that they always watch live videos on social media while about 39% of respondents sometimes watch these, and only 14% of them never watch them.
  • The results showcase that most of the users do watch live videos on social media, which is a unique way to create real time brand awareness leading to high customer engagement.
  • Brands should make sure to notify their audiences in advance about the live event and its agenda.
  • Live streaming events are a great way of indulging in two-way conversation between the brand and customers, which can also help brands to gain insightful customer feedback.
  • Brands should focus on keeping the content interesting to retain the customers attention during live streaming.
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