Survey: Shopping on Pinterest

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Do you use Pinterest for shopping?

Here’s a look at last week’s results where we asked users what time they prefer watching YouTube?

The results are very insightful.

  • It’s quite evident through our survey that most of the respondents 41%, consume YouTube between 9pm-12am. Second most preferred time slot to watch YouTube is 6pm – 9pm, 18% of respondents prefer watching YouTube at this time.
  • Around 17% of the respondents prefer watching YouTube between 9am-12pm, while 11% of the respondents watch YouTube between 12pm-3pm.
  • About 7% of the respondents watch YouTube between 12am-3pm, while a small chunk of respondents (6%) watch YouTube during 12am-3am.
  • Clearly, 6pm to 12am is the time slot when most of the users are actively consuming YouTube content. Brands must take a note of this and design their strategies keeping this habit in mind.
  • Brands should consider the behaviour of consumers and use it for their benefit by placing content during this prime slot (6pm-12am) to achieve maximum reach.


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