Survey: Resolving issues from brands

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What is your preferred way of getting an issue resolved with a brand?

Here’s a look at last week’s results where we asked users about shopping on Pinterest.

The results are very interesting.

  • As evident from the above chart, most of the respondents (60%) don’t use Pinterest for shopping. Only 40% of the respondents, said they use Pinterest for shopping.
  • Pinterest shopping is an emerging feature and hence there is a lack of awareness among the audience about it.
  • Considering the numbers, brands should firstly make consumers aware about this feature and then integrate it in their strategies to target audience to maximize reach.
  • Pinterest’s in-built image search feature is very interesting that makes search easier for customers, helping them to save time and allowing brands to drive traffic from the right audiences.
  • Brands should take an initiative to encourage consumers to use this feature that will help them to get more visibility as well as boost their sales.


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