Survey: Research for product purchases

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When you want to buy any product, where do you begin your research?

Here’s a look at last week’s results where we asked users about how they explore products on e-commerce websites.

We got some interesting results here.

  • Most of the respondents (46%) prefer all of the above options when it comes to exploring products on e-commerce websites followed by brand (18%) while some of them like to explore by discount (14%).
  • Few people also search for products by price (10%), by ratings (4%) and by latest arrivals (4%) on the e-commerce websites.
  • Since a lot of consumers use the brand filter for buying products, marketers can design their branding activities to win and retain customer loyalty.
  • Many people also look for discounts on e-commerce websites. Marketers have a tremendous opportunity here to play around with discounts and pricing strategies to attract the masses and boost sales.
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