Survey: How vocal are we about our shopping experiences online?

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After purchase of a product, what kind of information are you most likely to share online?

Here’s a look at last week’s results where we asked users about in-video ads.

The chart is very clear about users’ patience for viewing ads within videos.

  • A majority of the respondents are ok to view ads up to 5 seconds (40.74%) and up to 10 seconds (35.18%)
  • A very small number of respondents (7.41%) said that they are ok to view ads up to 1 minute while the rest (16.67%) aren’t really affected with any length of ads
  • Clearly, people don’t really like lengthy ads and prefer shorter, crisp ads that can deliver the brand message while not causing a major interruption to their video viewing experience
  • Marketers can take clues from this and work on creating shorter ads to communicate better with their target audience

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