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How to Improve Marketing and Linking through Blogs – SEO perspective

It is a known fact that blogs with good quality and niche content can attract high quality traffic and backlinks...
SEO @LogicserveDigi

SEO @LogicserveDigi

It is a known fact that blogs with good quality and niche content can attract high quality traffic and backlinks giving a boost SERPs. The topic on which you wish to write upon should be chosen with care, it should relate to your visitors. In a way, the content should be enticing and interesting enough to attract attention and be shareable as well.

From the SEO perspective, a few vital tips on how to acquire more backlinks could be quite helpful

  • First of all, avoid spam as far as possible
  • Ensure you post good quality blogs to get quality links  outbound and inbound
  • Display minimum ads on an authority site
  • Ads placement should be made to look natural as possible
  • Viral Marketing is very much a preferred activity to get links especially if you offer new products/services
  • Avoid buying/displaying of unnatural links as search engines can detect them quite easily
  • Try to get links to and from informative and useful sites for they usually carry high ranks


Link Acquisition and SEO

  • Try to optimize your site in order to attract natural editorial links
  • Ensure your web content satisfies relevant search results
  • Try getting links from well established and older domains which carry greater value/authority.
  • It would be great if you could attract a new link from an old domain for this could help you acquire more quality links.
  • Natural links can be acquired from a related page and resource.
  • Try attracting traffic from a reference link this can be done through online social interaction.


Currently, people are sharing information instantly across multiple channels such as Twitter, Facebook, blogs and so on and to get visibility it is very important to offer quality but well optimized content on topics which people like to discuss and could be instantly shared as well. Across both the articles, I have tried to offer vital SEO tips which help you to acquire links through social interaction.

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