Amazon Marketing Services

Amazon Marketing Services

It is an established truth that Amazon is the new Google for product search. Amazon is quickly sharing the pie with Google as one of the preferred search engine.

Companies across B2C and B2B spectrum - who are still not on Amazon risk losing grounds to:

  • Getting visibility
  • Building product driven business.
  • Spend resources on customer engagement
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Logicserve Solution

We have been tracking the evolution of Amazon Marketing services for many years now and especially since 2013 Amazon launch in India.. With speedy growth of Amazon in Indian market we realized they have deep penetrations across geographies. Thus we have helped organizations across domains to leverage untapped markets.

Way we help you to market your products on Amazon Marketplace:

  • Sponsored products (paid search) where you can buy keywords like you do with Google AdWords. This drives more visibility for your products, helping them gather more reviews, which ultimately improves organic visibility. Additionally, Amazon offers analytics to help users understand and manage ad spend for better ROI.
  • Headline search ads (banner ads) are also based on keywords, showcasing several products in a single ad at the top of search results and category pages. Headline ads also give you the ability to create targeted landing pages on Amazon, which improves their effectiveness.
  • Product display ads are closer to the point of purchase, displaying on Amazon’s product pages. Here marketing dollars can be more effective because they are typically more targeted and there is higher buying intent.
  • Retargeting —Amazon is rumored to soon be offering the capability to drive traffic back to your Amazon store or even to your own site by using display ads served across the web.
  • The PPC campaigns are tech-driven rule based form of campaign which is better than conventional forms of campaigns with a self-explanatory and easy user interface to use.
  • It is a cost-effective service, with easily replicable tool for campaign rules. Since it haslow CPC, the ROI of the seller’s increases.
  • By the help of Amazon algorithm, the buyer is placed in the higher rank according to his sales in the product search also the relevance. Leads to higher visibility at right budget.
  • One of the unique features of Amazon sponsored ads is that the seller pays only for clicks and not the impressions.
  • Adopting the PPC or sponsored ads route, the seller can rank their products high on the site of Amazon.
  • Amazon provides powerful PPC management software known as Sellics which helps the sellers in managing and optimizing their sponsored product. Important features of Sellics is
  • that it helps the Amazon’s sellers in boosting their success includes inventory managing, profit calculation dashboard, keyword ranking optimizer etc.
  • Amazon’s PPC campaign is device-friendly thus gets viewership across all digital eyeballs platforms.